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Let us be your guide when creating your website. We count with experts in the filed of website construction and management with knowledge on languages such as: HTML, CSC, Java, Flash, PHP, Joomla, and Word Press.

 E-commerce consists of the distribution, sale, purchase, marketing and supply of information about products or services through the Internet. Originally the term was applied to conducting transactions through electronic means, such as electronic data exchange. However, with the advent of the Internet in the mid-1990s, the concept of selling services over the Internet began, using electronic means such as credit cards as a form of payment. Since then, companies have been concerned with staying ahead of the curve and being able to offer what their customers are demanding today. Electronic commerce and how we connect to the Internet is changing. The year 2020 is the year of the Internet of Things, connectivity with all devices through 5G, live data and obviously e-commerce will have a higher role. On the other hand, people have seen in this new way of doing business a great opportunity to undertake and have their own commercial activity in which they succeed when they understand that in e-commerce there are no barriers or borders, and that the geographical space is not the one that determines the target; that many aspects must be kept in mind and see the other side of the coin; that without creativity and without offering a truly differentiating value proposition, it becomes difficult to emerge in this wide world as great winners.
Most of the companies already have a presence on the Internet, so they have been concerned about developing institutional sites. In these cases, the aim is to complement some traditional Marketing activities, such as providing additional information and promoting the company. Some today have not entered the world of digital marketing and have not understood the great tools that can be counted on on the Internet and the world of people who can be reached through the network. In some cases, companies are reluctant to provide detailed information on products, since the objective is to induce visitors to communicate with the company through traditional means, such as face-to-face visits or phone calls, and thus get in touch. with potential clients. They forget or perhaps are unaware of the innumerable recruitment tools that exist through digital marketing, but we will leave that topic for later since it would give me to write at least two other posts. On the other hand, we find e-commerce sites, which are very different. In these, the final objective is to close the operation electronically with payment (and in some cases with delivery), these processes being carried out over the Internet. Without this transaction we could not talk about e-commerce. Where what really matters is that said transaction affects the income statement of any business, becoming a great generator of profits. Normally, these types of sites include detailed information on the products, mainly because visitors will support their purchase decision based on the information obtained and the perception of trust and solvency that the website has generated in relation to the company.

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