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Network Area

We are leaders in the field of installing and programming networks and servers. We have experts on every network platform, such as Windows, Linux and Apple. With over 10 years experience, our networks are 100% certified and we install them with the highest quality of equipment and materials. We work with CAT5, CAT6, CAT6A and Coaxial cabling.

According to Ruckus networking terminology, a SmartZone ™ network controller is a physical or virtual network element used to monitor, manage, and control Ruckus access points (APs) and switches. When upgrading to the SmartZone 5.0 operating system, all SmartZone WLAN drivers, for example SmartZone 100, Virtual SmartZone – Essentials, become SmartZone network drivers.

Within the networking industry, managing a network of access points and switches (“unified management”) has traditionally required the use of a separate network management system that offers much greater functionality than a WLAN controller. A separate management system requires at least one additional software license and IT staff to be trained to work with two different systems. The result: excessive time must be spent, costs are high, and management is complex.

Now there is an easier approach to managing the network. Ruckus SmartZone Network Controllers are the industry’s first devices that allow IT to manage both LAN and WLAN through a unified controller management system with a unified user interface. This approach simplifies a wide variety of IT activities, offering, for example, a unified and automated discovery process for switches and access points, and the simplified creation of general access policies for them.


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