CC Technology Solutions

Interactive TV

iQTV is the specific interactive module for hotels, cruise ships and the leisure industry; to provide entertainment, information and personalized hospitality services to guests in order to offer an unforgettable stay through a compact and elegant solution.

iQTV works through an attractive interactive interface, available in multiple languages, offering guests services such as individual, groups or general customized welcome message, alarm, virtual shop, messages allowing hotel staff to get in contact with rooms by using text messages, hotel information with directory, facilities, restaurants, the closest stores, etc. and basic international information as weather, newspapers, stocks, currency exchange, airport information and access to social networks or email. In additions, this interface provides hotels a maintenance tool where the hotel manages the status of accessories within the room, such as bathroom accessories, lighting, bed accessories, etc., a housekeeping tool to be aware of the room status, and a Minibar tool to report all minibar consumption.

It is also a powerful marketing tool allowing you to inform guest about your corporate brand, promotions, hotel information, partners, etc.