CC Technology Solutions

Interactive TV

“IQTV for Hotels” is the specific interactive module for hotels, cruise ships and the leisure industry; to provide entertainment, information and personalized hospitality services to guests in order to offer an unforgettable stay through a compact and elegant solution.

Hospitals’ Interactive TV

“IQTV for Hospitals” is specific interactive module for hospitals, valid for any TV display or bedside terminal (touch screen) and with an easy-multilingual interface also compatible with any HIS. The purpose of IQTV is to provide a high-quality technology in a compact and elegant way to make patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Security Equipment

CC Technology Solutions have trained professionals in the field of security systems. We use high-quality cameras. We work in homes, churches, offices, etc.

Network Installation

We are leaders in installation and programming of networks and servers, we have experts in all platforms like Windows, Linux and Apple. With over 10 years experience.


Video Projectors Installing

CC Tech Corp, implements the best projection system, using the best technology in projectors and TVs we captivate our audience. We represent leading brands such as LG giving the best warranties in commercial equipment,

Sound System Installation

CC Technology Solutions  have professionals in the field of sound systems. We install sound systems in churches, auditoriums, etc., we have systems music on hold and background music systems.

Web Design

Design and programming websites, we have experts in the field of website construction, work all the language as HTML, CSC, JAVA, FLASH, PHP, JOOMLA and WORD PRESS, finally let us be your guide when create your website. Visit our portfolio for references.

Graphic Design

We have professionals to make unique digital designs.


Point of Sale software

Installation, configuration and training POS System, CC Tech was given the task of evaluating and consult the best solution on the market for your type of business.

Access Controls

Designed to work together, CC Technology products, provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions, from the simplest to the most challenging.

VoIP Telephony

Voice over IP (VoIP) defines a way to carry voice calls over an IP network, including the digitization and packetization of the voice streams. IP Telephony utilizes the VoIP standards to create a telephony system where higher level features such as advanced call routing, voice mail, contact centers, etc., can be utilized.

Mobile Apps Development

We have professionals in the field of Mobile Apps, which are able to create custom applications.


Data Backup Service

We have now added to our services the best Data Backup software, with end-to-end encryption and disaster backup recovery. This service allows you to store up to 4 TB of data, files, and any type of documents.