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Bella Vista Hospital with Hospitalia

In Cerro Las Mesas we have the Bella Vista Hospital (sponsored by the Adventist Church), a more than 50 years institution in which, according with their own words, “they take care with the same attention of body, spirit and soul”. Bella Vista Hospital is one of the most advanced and modern hospitals in the country. They try to provide an optimal and high quality service for patients making no distinctions on rage, color, religion, country, social position or sex respecting in every case the patient’s comfort and privacy. The Hospital is a non lucrative association, but despite that, they use the most modern and advanced technologies in healthcare areas. Bella Vista Hospital has now installed the Entertainment Solutions’ healthcare solution HOSpitalia just for one only reason: One of the most important things for them is the patient’s comfort and given service and they assume that the best product in the interactive tv field for giving patients a new and exciting tv experience and service is Entertainment Solutions’ HOSpitalia.

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