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Q System

QSystem: Queue Management System.

QSystem is the first Intelligent Queue (and Customer Services) Management System, for use in the public attention areas of Entities, that has been completely designed and manufactured in Spain byTI2000, according to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards, and using the latest state of the art technology.

QSystem creates an invisible Queuing System, which allows to organize the flux of people that stay at the client facilities, in an easy and comfortable way. It creates quiet and relaxed waiting atmospheres, and at the same time it improves the attention services quality and the corporative image of the company or entity.

QSystem is composed of different management modules designed to each area of a customer attention services

QAccess: Visitors Control System.

The Visitors Control System QAccess speeds up the capture of the Visitor Identification Data, by means of an IR Optical Reader, that reads the OCR data in Passports, Visas, Identity Cards, (and any other travelling documents according to ICAO 9303 standard), for controlling the Visitors’ access into buildings and any other controlled areas.

QVision is the multimedia management content and digital Signage , which has been created by TI2000, combining with their Queue Management System.

QVision allows you offer to their clients, in a dynamic and attractive way, an informative and publicity channel, while it gives the queuing information, what helps to catch the public attention.

Our content management allows you show and organize, all of contents you need in static graphic format, videos and animations.