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Broad Cast 24/7

Broad Cast 24/7

CC Technology  Solutions offers a wide range of solutions for PVR and multimedia archive management for corporate clients, governments, broadcasters, etc.

ES 24×7 solution is a modular and scalable system with the flexibility to customize it with the corresponding functionalities according to the project requirements.

The different modules composing the system would be:

Allows to STB and PC users to easily access to the TV Channels lineup. Users will have also access to the recorded media, in VOD mode, and also to the 24×7 recordings, to the desired exact date and time.

Enables to users or system administrators the live or scheduled recording of TV programs. This recordings can be publish so everyone can access to them, or limited to some specific user groups.

This module allows to start the the recording of one or multiple TV channels hereafter. It keeps the recorded media in a temporary storage during a predefined time.

Enables the supervision in Mosaic mode of the data ingest (24×7 recordings) in the storage servers. The Mosaic supports the monitoring of up to 16 simultaneous recordings in one PC. The system activates and alarm if any failure is detected in the system.

Allows to edit the recorded media to create the definitive file that will be later stored in the permanent library. It also enables to convert the recorded content into different file formats to reduce the storage space.

The system enables users to easily search for content using the cataloguing fields.

Users can ingest content into a permanent library to allow later access to the content in VOD mode.

Connection with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) by Microsoft. Allows the access to an application protocol for querying and modifying directory services to search for information (login, password, etc.) in a network.



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