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Medical Monitors

Medical Monitors


Diagnostic Monitors

LG’s diagnostic monitor allows medical professionals to easily distinguish even delicate detail.

The LG 21HK512D is a 21.3-inch 3MP IPS display with 1000 nits brightness facilitates precise diagnoses of medical images from CT and Angiography by presenting exceptional quality and accuracy.

Stable Grayscale Images

The standard DICOM Part 14 Gamma allows for accurate diagnostics as it adjusts the grayscale levels of medical images received from different types of image capturing devices. Plus, 18-bit LUT also makes enhanced, accurate grayscale image, smoothing out the transition between LUT values.

Automatic Brightness Stabilization

Auto Luminance sensor measures the backlight brightness stability and automatically compensates for brightness fluctuations caused by aging for a consistently stable display during the usage life.

Improved Productivity

Built-in Remote and Self Calibration helps to increase productivity and efficiency. It converts automatically the medical images to more suitable images to make a exact diagnosis.

Ergonomic Design

The Ergonomic Stand with pivot adjustment allows the user to create an optimized diagnostic workspace without any bothersome on-screen contents by its lower cover between two monitors.


Surgical Monitors

A Display Optimized for Compatibility

The detailed picture quality of the LG 27HK510S (27HK510S-W) surgical monitor meets operating room requirements. With its 27-inch Full HD IPS Display, the LG surgical monitor improves work efficiency.

Full HD IPS Optimal Image Quality

The Full HD IPS display with sRGB 115% (Deep Red) is designed to fit with other Full HD surgical devices. It enables surgeons to view accurate, realistic images especially in the red color spectrum.

Brightness Stabilization

The LG 27HK510S (27HK510S-W) surgical monitor carefully measures and sets every grayscale tone to create a monitor compliant with DICOM Part 14. Furthermore, LG’s surgical monitors offer

stabilized brightness settings.

* DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine): Standard applied to the grayscale tone characteristics of monitors used in the medical field.

Designed for the Operating Room

Dustproof & Waterproof

To ensure protection against contact with objects such as blood or bodily fluids, LG surgical monitors are cleanable and durable, with ratings of IP35 on the front and IP32 on the back, securing them from any direction.

Protection Glass

The LG 27HK510S (27HK510S-W) surgical monitor with protection glass provides a more durable display by safeguarding the monitor from water and bodily fluids and making it easier to clean.

Flicker Safe

Flicker Safe reduces the onscreen flicker level to almost zero, which helps minimize eye strain and eye fatigue. By combining Flicker Safe with the IPS technology, users can comfortably work throughout the day.


Clinical Monitors

8MP IPS Display
The superior detailed picture quality of the LG LG 27HJ712C (27HJ712C-W) Clinical Monitor meets operating room requirements. With its 27-inch IPS 8MP display, the monitor improves work efficiency not only by enabling detailed observation but also by displaying multiple imaging applications. IPS technology offers outstanding picture quality along with a 178 degree wide viewing angle, so images can be viewed by multiple medical professionals from different angles with crisp clarity and minimal color shift.

Accurate Color Representation
The LG 27HJ712C (27HJ712C-W) 8MP IPS display not only enables detailed observation of previously hard-to-see regions but also displays multiple imaging applications. In particular, the LG surgical monitor provides brightness and sRGB over 99 to ensure accurate color reproduction in the surgery room. Moreover, by adding a deep red color spectrum, the monitor assures color expression of red spectrum.

DICOM Part 14 Compatible
In the medical field, monitors must display images accurately and consistently, especially for the gray scale tones that may vary even between two monitors of the same model. To ensure the most accurate and consistent shading possible for medical images, LG measures and sets every grayscale tone on the production line to produce a monitor compliant with DICOM Part 14.

Quick Response Time
Whenever scanning is performed after checking up, a lot of heavy information is created and it can be difficult to clearly get all of this information at once. Since the LG clinical review monitor supports a low input lag and quick response time, it allows the monitor to receive a signal quickly and display a clear image with no distortion, for precise decoding information to achieve an efficient review.

Brightness Stabilization
A sensor measures the monitor’s backlight brightness stability and automatically compensates for brightness fluctuations caused by aging, for consistently stable images during usage.

Flicker Safe
Flicker Safe protects eyes from fatigue by virtually eliminating flickering. The steady image helps doctors protect their vision and allows them to continue working as long as they want.

Reader Mode
Reader Mode provides optimal conditions for clinical use. LG’s Reader Mode technology reduces blue light, protecting doctors’ eyes from fatigue.

What You Get:

The 27-inch diagonal 8MP display with IPS technology offers outstanding picture quality along with perfect wide angle viewing. To ensure accurate and consistent contrast for medical images, LG measures and sets every grayscale tone on the production line to produce a monitor compliant with DICOM Part 14. UL Medical Grade Listed, DICOM part 14, Native Display Resolution 3840 x 2160, Contrast Ratio 1000:1, Six Axis Control, Brightness Stabilization. 3 year Manufacturer’s warranty.


Digital X-Ray Detector

LG Flat Panel X-Ray Detectors assure Outstanding Image Quality at a low radiation dose. The GoDR Acquisition software provides unparalleled image processing with feature rich user interface. The LG Flat Panel IP41 resistance rating ensures that LG DXD will be protected against objects drops, dust, and dripping liquids such as blood and bodily fluids. The LG Flat Panel X-ray Detector has a super strong body that combines carbon-fiber with magnesium, LG DXD is not only lightweight, but also exceptionally strong and durable.



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