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LG IT Solutions

LG Business IT products bring you a variety of computer monitors & cloud computing offerings to enhance productivity, improve daily operations and increase security.

Work From Home Solutions for Your Remote Workforce1

Work From Home Solutions for Your Remote Workforce

Finding the right solution for your employees working from home is critical. LG has a great selection of computer monitors, gram laptops & Cloud devices to meet the needs of your remote workforce.

Computer Monitors3

Computer Monitors

LG has a large variety of computer monitors , including 4K Monitors, TAA Monitors, FHD Monitors & UltraWide Curved Monitors.
Diagnostic Monitors1

Diagnostic Monitors

LG’s diagnostic monitor allows medical professionals to easily distinguish even delicate detail.

Digital Storage

Using the latest technology, LG has developed a range of business digital storage solutions that can help you protect and manage the data you rely on most. Browse the latest digital storage products available.

Cloud Computing

LG line of Cloud Computing devices help you get efficiency and performance from your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment as well as security.