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Doctor Center Hospital of Manati update its entertainment system


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Manati, Puerto Rico.

Doctor Center was founded in 1959 by Dr. Pedro Blanco Lugo and Dr. Antonio Abreu, at first it was a small hospital institution initially focused on patients northwest of the country, but destined to become into a pillar of medical services for large parts of Puerto Rico. In accordance with the effervescent development implanted by Dr. Blanco Lugo, the hospital has not stopped growing. It currently holds more than 240 beds, made ​​more than 16,000 admissions a year , receives more than 4000 visits per month in ER and annually serves about 47,000 patients.


This hospital has a faculty of 238 selected medical specialists and subspecialists . Considered in the industry as a model , and positioned by its high technology, as a pioneer at local and regional level leader, the Hospital achieved a strategic known as beachhead in 2006 by acquiring the Hospital Matilde Brenes in Bayamon ; in San Juan , the Doctor’s Community for 2007, and set an Emergency Room in Arecibo in 2007 .

Also, in December 2009, the Doctors’ Center Hospital opened the Ambulatory Surgery Center of the Medical Tower II, Dr. Pedro Blanco Lugo . In the first level of the tower there are three modern operating rooms with high-tech equipment. The operating room consists of a preoperative area and another surgery.

Now Doctor center is aimed at providing super advanced technology for the entertainment of their patients. Agreeing management of interactive TV service with the company CCTECH , Hospitalia interactive system installed in every room, which has several applications and modules for the benefit of their patients. Hospitalia makes way to position the hospital in one of the most complete services on the Island.


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