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Zero Client

Experience a secure and reliable virtual computing solution with LG Zero Client Monitors boasting
Full HD resolution with the latest LED backlight technology and Teradici® TERA 2 Chipset that is highly-secure and easy-to-manage cloud desktop. Enjoy clear and accurate display while you are working with its advanced LED backlight technology for increased productivity and comfort.

LG’s Zero Clients come in different sizes to match your display preferences. Compatible with leading digital workspaces such as Teradici® TERA 2 Chipset, Amazon Workspaces, and VMware, reduce maintenance costs and deliver an optimized connection. With ground-breaking features, low operational costs and desktop scalability, it can be utilized in various markets including hospitality, government, healthcare and more. View images and data clearly at any angle with its Wide Viewing capabilities of IPS technology with the superior picture quality of LED backlighting. Some of our zero clients also come with Built-in speakers (1W x 2) that delivers superb sound. Support more monitors from a centralized server through the Zero Client Virtualization software.

Zero Client TERA2 comes in various sizes (20”, 23” and 24” Class) with Teradici® TERA 2 Chipset and VMware, deliver a powerful and secure virtual computing while reducing system building and maintenance costs. It also has energy-saving features and is easy to maintain that makes it an ideal choice for different markets such as education, corporate enterprises and more.

Zero Client TERA2 (V Series Box Type): LG’s 20CAV37K-B, 23CAV42K-BL, 24CAV37K-B and CBV42-B system utilizes a Teradici® PCoIP® processor, VMware or Amazon Workspaces to provide a powerful and secure virtual solution that enhances computing experience in offices, design labs, classrooms and other institutions.


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Thin Client

Optimize your workplace with LG’s reliable thin clients that are ideal for environments with virtualized systems. With its high-quality, superior displays and lightweight design, LG Thin Clients are the best solution to your modern business.

Smaller than desktops, thin clients require less space which is perfect for any open office environment that promotes collaboration and teamwork. With its lightweight design, it also requires less power consumption which provides significant amount of savings in the long run.

LG Thin Client monitors runs Windows IoT Enterprise OS that runs faster, more secure and provides an enhanced performance perfect for multitasking. Our thin clients are also compatible with the most widely used cloud-based workspaces such as Citrix, VMware, Amazon Workspaces and Microsoft® Azure.

LG 24″ AIO Widescreen Thin Client: Boasts a 24″ FHD IPS Display (24″ diagonal) that gives crystal-clear pictures with vibrant colors and 32GB SSD / 4GB DDR4 memory. It also comes with a built-in 3W (X2) speaker.

LG Thin Client Box: Highly secure and easy to manage, the LG Thin Client box supports single- and dual-monitor displays for up to 4K resolutions. It also offers various connectivity options such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, DisplayPort and DVI.

LG Mobile Thin Client: An ultra-lightweight laptop with 14” Full HD IPS display with built-in webcam for video calls. It only weighs 995g and is equipped with 72Wh battery that is ideal for working anywhere.

LG 38″ AIO Curved UltraWide® Thin Client: Increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace with LG 38″ AIO Curved UltraWide® Thin Client featuring WQHD+ resolution and IPS curved display that allows multiple displays on one screen at the same time


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