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CC Technology Solutions continues innovating with television services on hospitals.

CC Technology Solutions continues innovating with television services on hospitals.

El Hospital Municipal de San Juan se convertirá en su cuarto proyecto en la isla.

San Juan – Con el fin de innovar la industria hospitalaria, CC Technology Solutions llega al Hospital

Municipal de San Juan (HMSJ) para ofrecer a sus pacientes el mejor servicio de televisión interactiva

(IPTV). Desde el mes de octubre los pacientes del HMSJ tendrán la experiencia de ver canales en HD en

una plataforma totalmente interactiva.

De esta forma el HMSJ se convierte en el cuarto proyecto hospitalario de CC Technology en la isla y la

primera institución municipal en ofrecer esta tecnología a sus pacientes. Actualmente los Hospitales

Bella Vista en Mayagüez, Hermanos Meléndez en Bayamón y Doctor’s Center en Manatí cuenta con el

sistema de televisión interactiva.

La institución que brinda servicio al área metropolitana y pueblos limítrofes contará con una nueva

infraestructura de televisión. Esto incluye televisores, cableado, canales y sistema interactivo. Los

pacientes que adquieran el servicio contarán con canales en HD, cobro de servicio automatizado,

cambio de servicio por cuarto automatizado, aplicaciones, renta de películas, videos educativos, entre


“Nos sentimos orgullosos y agradecidos que el Municipio de San Juan nos diera la oportunidad de

ofrecer una solución de vanguardia y que a su vez mejore la calidad de servicio a los pacientes. Además,

están invirtiendo en la economía del país ya que somos una empresa puertorriqueña que llevamos más

de 10 años en el mercado ofreciendo las mejores soluciones tecnológicas disponible y creando empleos

a jóvenes que tanto lo necesitan”, dijo Elvin Feliciano, gerente de meradeo CC Technology Solutions.

Con este nuevo proyecto la compañía espera establecer y expandir en el área metropolitana su oferta

de productos de televisión interactiva para hoteles, cámaras de seguridad, detectores de metales,

sistema de redes, televisores digital signage, control de acceso, entre otros.

Por último, se indicó que los trabajos de instalación deben terminar a finales del mes de septiembre y el

servicio debe comenzar las primeras semanas de octubre.

Foto por: Samuel Molinary

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CC Tech Installs Modern System Point Of Sale In Prestigious Bakery In The West Region Of Puerto Rico

CC Tech Installs Modern System Point Of Sale In  Prestigious Bakery In The West Region Of Puerto Rico

The bakery has two sales stations, offering their customers a better service in the shortest waiting time.

MAYAGUEZ . Despite the economic recession that crosses the island , the entrepreneur Cristina Vargas Bravo, decided to create a bakery and cafe with an artesian touch that meets the tastes and standards of the most demanding customers in the Mayagüez area . Massa Artisian Bakery and Cafe, opened last year , offering the best artisan bread in the region, also serving lunch and all kinds of sandwiches in a family and business environment.  Due to its high sales growth , the manager of the establishment, Israel Hernandez, was given the task of contacting CC Technology Solutions , seeking to implement a modern system of points of sale, to expedite the flow of orders received daily. The bakery has two sales stations , offering their customers a better service in the shortest waiting time.

“The system allows us to have better control of what is happening within the business. For example , daily sales are reflected by department so you know which area needs to be strengthened . In addition it facilitates the process of entry and exit of our employees. And it keeps us informed about the actual amount of products we have in stock , “said Hernandez.

The sale system that CC Technology Solutions provides can expedite and facilitate the daily process of any business , allowing increased sales and revenue collection and minimizing errors in inventory or personnel”confirmed the CC Tech vice president , Carlos Crespo. ” The POS system offered by our company is one of the most competitive in the market due to its high performance and increased uptake of information and facilitating the work environment . In addition , we offer the best personalized service to our customers, which has been our key after each sale. “

“We are proud to be part of the economic development of the region , providing useful tools to each of our merchants , in times of economic crisis. Our customers can be assured that CC Tech is always available to offer the best products and services at the best price, ” said Crespo.

Finally , CC Tech offers a range of products and technology solutions that will make your business a more competitive one. Such as security cameras, access control system , IP Telephone system, Interactive TV for hotels and hospitals , networking , Electronic Menu boards and LG TVs with three -year warranty.


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CC TECH, Innovating the way of watching TV in the Hotel Industry

Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana, joins the Royalton Punta Cana , Memories Splash and Panama Hilton hotels in acquiring the most prestigious network for interactive TV system.




Watching TV while you enjoy your vacations in a luxurious hotel in the Dominican Republic has changed with the arrival of the new IPTV technology that provides DC Tech Corp. The new system , INGEsuite TV, the television becomes a interactive tool of entertainment, guests will use it for their enjoyment and comfort during their stay at the hotel. The prestigious inn Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana, has acquired INGEsuite TV services offered by CC Tech Corp. A total of 1,784 rooms and 50 common points, which are distributed through restaurants , casinos, halls and beverage facilities ( taverns ) will be impacted by this new system .

INGEsuite TV offers over 100 channels including over 150 premiere films, under a IP format (Internet Protocol) . The new system will feature interactive services such as ” chekout express ” which offers guests make their check out without making lines, order room service , wake-up alarm, buying items , booking tables at restaurants, buy tours, make Skype calls, surf the internet , among others things.  In addition , guests will have the opportunity to enjoy everything offered by interactive television , through their Ipad, tablet or android system .

CC Tech Copr . It’s  a Puerto Rican company that began operations in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico , seven years ago and now has two new establishments, one in the Dominican Republic and the other in Miami . The young company offers a range of high-quality technology services for every type of company at a competitive price and is the only company to offer IPTV systems for hotels and hospitals in Puerto Rico.

“We are extremely pleased that this project, one of the most important hotels in the Dominican Republic, was a success. It can also be a letter of introduction for others in the country and Caribbean hotels looking to improve their hospice services in their establishments , “said Carlos Crespo , Vice President and Founder of DC Tech .


Currently, CC Tech offers interactive TV services to three major hospitals of Puerto Rico , Bella Vista Hospital in Mayaguez, Melendez Brothers Hospital in Manati and Doctors’ Center in Bayamon.





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Royalton Punta Cana Resort and Casino with a modern TV platform  

Royalton Punta Cana Resort and Casino with a modern TV platform   


Royalton-Punta-Cana-Resort-And-Casino-photos-Room-LuxuryDoubleRoomThe Royalton Resorts are the new generation of luxury hotels that offer the best vacation in the world’s most popular tropical destinations , with the ” all inclusive” modality. Our All-In Luxury ™ concept is dedicated to giving you a unique experience by combining the spirit of the community of each host with a luxury product that offers exceptional service and an incredible attention to detail experience. Every aspect of your stay in the Royalton Resorts – from unlimited dinners à la carte to our exclusive Dreambed ™ – has been carefully designed to offer a personalized service that meets your unique needs , while stimulating your senses .


Each Royalton Luxury Resort is located in an idyllic place of stunning natural beauty. Escape and vacation in style and comfort , surround yourself with an elegant architecture, pristine beaches water and a relaxing tropical setting , join all this and you will have created a charming and sophisticated luxury vacation that will satisfy all your desires.

Our unique hotel in the beautiful Dominican Republic , which is geared towards the enjoyment of families and couples , with its modern decor, amenities and picturesque tropical setting.

We welcome  you to a lush paradise on the stunning Caribbean coastline . Our resort elegantly decorated, with its unique design, fabulous amenities and ™ All-In Luxury concept aims to offer a truly unique experience for your vacation .

That’s why we added a range of proprietary technology in every part of the hotel and the TV system is no exception , Installing INGEsuite TV across our Hotel , the first hotel in the Dominican Republic in owning such unique technology .  It will have more than 100 channels in IP format, over 150 movies , also featureing  a range of interactive services on the screen such as express checkout , room service , wake-up alarm, shopping items , purchase tours and reserve tables in our restaurants. Also enjoy the host of Android applications in the TV and enjoy the games , internet browsing and even make calls through Skype. With the latest IPTV technology , guests will have the opportunity to download an application and enjoy everything that gives you the TV from the comfort of your IPad or Andorid Tablet.



The Royaton Punta Cana will open its doors on December 1, 2013.


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Doctor Center Hospital of Manati update its entertainment system


banner doctor center


Manati, Puerto Rico.

Doctor Center was founded in 1959 by Dr. Pedro Blanco Lugo and Dr. Antonio Abreu, at first it was a small hospital institution initially focused on patients northwest of the country, but destined to become into a pillar of medical services for large parts of Puerto Rico. In accordance with the effervescent development implanted by Dr. Blanco Lugo, the hospital has not stopped growing. It currently holds more than 240 beds, made ​​more than 16,000 admissions a year , receives more than 4000 visits per month in ER and annually serves about 47,000 patients.


This hospital has a faculty of 238 selected medical specialists and subspecialists . Considered in the industry as a model , and positioned by its high technology, as a pioneer at local and regional level leader, the Hospital achieved a strategic known as beachhead in 2006 by acquiring the Hospital Matilde Brenes in Bayamon ; in San Juan , the Doctor’s Community for 2007, and set an Emergency Room in Arecibo in 2007 .

Also, in December 2009, the Doctors’ Center Hospital opened the Ambulatory Surgery Center of the Medical Tower II, Dr. Pedro Blanco Lugo . In the first level of the tower there are three modern operating rooms with high-tech equipment. The operating room consists of a preoperative area and another surgery.

Now Doctor center is aimed at providing super advanced technology for the entertainment of their patients. Agreeing management of interactive TV service with the company CCTECH , Hospitalia interactive system installed in every room, which has several applications and modules for the benefit of their patients. Hospitalia makes way to position the hospital in one of the most complete services on the Island.


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Hospital Hermanos Melendez Instalara Hospitalia


hosp hermanos melendez banner

Bayamón, PR;

El Hospital Hermanos Meléndez con más de un siglo de fundación dándoles un servicio de calidad a los ciudadanos de Bayamón y pueblos limítrofes.

y en  torno a un nuevo mundo tecnológico , ha preparado sus facilidades y servicios con los mejores grupos médicos del país y el Caribe contando con la maquinaria de la más alta tecnología para continuar creciendo en servicio y calidad. Cuentan con un equipo de trabajo de sobre 700 empleados altamente calificados, una Facultad Médica de más de 250 especialistas, disponibilidad de 237 camas y la acreditación de la Comisión Conjunta.

Es por eso que el  Hospital compeliendo  con el compromiso de continuar ofreciendo servicios completos en el campo de la salud. Instalara el sistema interactivo de entretenimiento Hospitalia en todas sus habitaciones y salas de espera, siendo el Primer hospital en el área metropolitana y el segundo en Puerto Rico en instalar tan novedoso sistema de entretenimiento para sus pacientes.



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POS-X New ION series



POSX released their new series of affordable products called the ION Series. “In the competitive retail and restaurant industries, margins are tight. Business owners demand affordable and reliable solutions. The new ION series from POS-X meets this demand by offering a low-cost alternative that carries the same warranties and services available with more expensive models.” Message us to learn more or request a demo of their new POS terminal, cash drawers, thermal printer, and handheld scanners.

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CC Tech transmitted, for the first time in Puerto Rico, a virtual baseball game




virtual baseball

CC Tech and Mayaguez Indians made history by transmitting their games in a virtual format, thanks to the application iScore. Thanks to this collaboration we have become the first team to transmit the games in virtual form, through a highly technological method, where you can see step by step what occurs in the game. Additionally you can quickly see the player details, such as the average. You can also view photos and even comment on Facebook from the same screen.

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Bella Vista Hospital with Hospitalia

In Cerro Las Mesas we have the Bella Vista Hospital (sponsored by the Adventist Church), a more than 50 years institution in which, according with their own words, “they take care with the same attention of body, spirit and soul”. Bella Vista Hospital is one of the most advanced and modern hospitals in the country. They try to provide an optimal and high quality service for patients making no distinctions on rage, color, religion, country, social position or sex respecting in every case the patient’s comfort and privacy. The Hospital is a non lucrative association, but despite that, they use the most modern and advanced technologies in healthcare areas. Bella Vista Hospital has now installed the Entertainment Solutions’ healthcare solution HOSpitalia just for one only reason: One of the most important things for them is the patient’s comfort and given service and they assume that the best product in the interactive tv field for giving patients a new and exciting tv experience and service is Entertainment Solutions’ HOSpitalia.

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